Where will you find our car washes? Our objects are modern and functional. You didn't think there was a difference, but with us the difference is visible.

About the company


5 MINUTES™ is a brand of self-service car washes owned by Fast Services Bulgaria OOD. We have sites in Sofia, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Ruse, Pleven and Varna. On average, over 20,000 customers are served every month in the chain's locations.

We offer a perfect washing formula:

  • Top class German equipment from Wash Tec
  • Sonax high-quality biodegradable and gentle varnish and paint preparations
  • Softened and demineralized water with t up to 60˚ that does not leave stains
  • Water pressure up to 100 bar to protect the car coating
  • A unique schaum brush made of natural hair that gently washes away dirt without scratching the paint.

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High pressure contactless

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Active foam

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Shaum Brush

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Rinse off

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Pastoral care

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Internal cleaning

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Business service

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Our advantages


We maintain a constant standardized temperature and pressure that does not harm the varnish, and the Shaum brush with active foam does not scratch it.


Option to choose self-service washing or washing by our staff on a standard price list.


We have enough cells at each site, which ensures you won't waste valuable time waiting.


Whenever you need your cars clean and presentable, you can count on us.


With 5 Minutes loyalty cards, you earn a 10% bonus from the first day, as well as additional volume discounts.


Our own water sources, scum-oil traps, biodegradable preparations guarantee a cleaner nature.

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