Our advantages

Our advantages:

The excellent appearance of your car or fleet is part of your or your corporate image, and optimal washing is a science. That is why we maintain a constant normalized temperature
and pressure that do not harm the varnish, and the Shaum brush with active foam does not scratch it.

You have the option to choose a self-service wash and decide for yourself what amount
to set aside for washing or washing by our staff at a standard price list.

We know that your time and your employees' time is money. That's why we have a minimum of five cells per site, which ensures you won't waste valuable time waiting in line.

Your working and leisure time is not always rationed, that's why our sites are always open. Whatever time of day, week, month or year you need your cars clean and presentable, you can count on us.

With us, issuing invoices is not a problem, but with cashless customer cards
payment you have full control over the wash limit.

With 5Minutes customer cards, you earn a 10% bonus from the first day, as well as additional volume discounts.

Now more than ever, it is important for businesses to be responsible. Our own water-
sources, calo-oil traps, biodegradable preparations and the used biofuel
guarantee that in addition to your cars, the environment will also be clean